Café El Banderín

Historic cafe and museum of football flags


Historic cafe/bar, Historic cafe/bar,

El Banderín is a traditional cafe dating back to the early 20th century and famous for its collection of more 500 football club flags, from which its takes its name (banderín means little flag in Spanish).

The flag collection began as a homage to owner Don Mario’s beloved River Plate football club, but over the years expanded to include soccer teams from all over the world - pay a visit and check if your own side is represented.

Originally named "El Asturiano Provisiones y Fiambrería", the cafe also served as a neighbourhood store in the early days, and began to function exclusively as a cafe once supermarkets began to invade the neighbourhood.

Favourites on the menu include the typical “cortado en jarrito” style of coffee, Spanish-style platters of cold cuts, sandwiches and apéritifs.