Day 4 | A week in Buenos Aires
Barracas. Caminito and La Boca. San Telmo, the ecological reserve and Puerto Madero.


Start early and head to the south of the city. After breakfast at La Flor de Barracas (Suárez 2095), one of the city's officially recognised historic cafes, visit Pasaje Lanín, which can be easily recognised by Marino Santa María's art interventions, and then, just 15 blocks towards the river, marvel at the largest mural in the world painted by a single person, Alfredo Segatori's El regreso de Quinquela (Lavadero and San Antonio).

Take bus number 20 at the junction of Luján and San Antonio, and head to the Caminito, the iconic street museum in La Boca. Take a walk through the colourful streets and stop by at the Fundación Proa contemporary arts museum (check out the view from the terrace cafe) and the Quinquela Martín Museum of Fine Arts. To finish the museum, choose between sport or arts and head to Boca Juniors' Bombonera stadium or the Usina del Arte, a regenerated power plant turned cultural centre. 


Move on to San Telmo, and visit Parque Lezama (Av. Paseo Colón and Av. Brasil), a landscaped park noted for its sculptures, and the location of the National History Museum. Near to the entrance of the museum, on Defensa, is the start of Avenida Caseros, where you'll find several pleasant bars and cafes. Following under the motorway, you'll reach Plaza Dorrego, the heart of the San Telmo neighbourhood, which hosts a popular antiques fair on Sundays.


Continue along Calle Defensa then turn right into Estados Unidos. Walk ten blocks, crossing the docks in Puerto Madero, and you'll reach the ecological reserve, a haven of wildlife right in the midst of the city. The entrance to this immense reserve is just opposite the Las Nereidas monumental fountain.

Once you've had a rest in the reserve, take a walk along the docks in Puerto Madero. Many of the old dock buildings have been regenerated and now house restaurants, offices and apartments. You can visit Sarmiento Frigate Museum Ship or the A.R.A Uruguay museum ship, take a photo beside the landmark bridge, Puente de la Mujer, and check out the artworks at the Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat art collection (Olga Cossettini 141), which includes pieces by Warhol, Berni, Xul Solar, and many more.    


To finish the day, try to catch a performance at the Kirchner Cultural Centre, another major regenerated building, now the largest culural centre in Latin America.

Guided tours

- Explore La Boca by bicycle with free guided bicycle tours every day.  
- Every Tuesday, the city tourist board offers free guided walking tours of San Telmo.
- Every Wednesday, the city tourist board offers free guided walking tours of La Boca.
- The city tourist board offers free eco-car tours in the ecological reserve.
- Every Wednesday and Sunday, the city tourist board offers free rowing tours in Puerto Madero.
- Every Sunday, the city tourist board offers free guided walking tours of Puerto Madero.

Other options

During the morning, in San Telmo neighbourhood, you'll cross Avenida San Juan, passing close to the Museum of Modern Art (MAMBA) (Av. San Juan 350) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA – Av. San Juan 328), two icons of the city's cultural heritage. 


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