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National History Museum

contains testimonies from the May Revolution

The Museo Histórico Nacional was created in 1880 after half a century of civil wars, with the objective of unifying the young nation and creating a sense of national identity amid the profound changes that were occurring in Argentina.

In its present form, located in San Telmo, the museum mainly displays objects relating to the May Revolution of 1810 and the Argentine War of Independence. It displays paintings, scultpures, flags, standards, weapons and uniforms as well as everyday objects from the 19th century. Highlights include sabres that belonged to independence heroes José de San Martín and Manuel Belgrano, and a flag from the battle of Ayohúma.

Entry is free on Wednesdays, and free every day for pensioners and under 12s. Guided tours are available in English at 12 noon, from Wednesday to Friday.