El regreso de Quinquela mural

The world's longest rural by a single artist when it was painted.

The mural, "El Regreso de Quinquela", by Alfredo 'El Pelado' Segatori, is the longest mural in the world painted by a single artist. And it might not be finished yet...

El Pelado's 2,000 sq metre masterpiece can be found on calles Lavadero and San Antonio, in the neighbourhood of Barracas, just next door to La Boca. It is a homage to the revered local painter, Benito Quinquela Martín (1890-1977), famous for his depictions of La Boca and the rigours of daily life for the the locals of this colourful port-side neighbourhood.

"I chose to pay homage to Quinquela Martín with a landscape that fuses together four of his well-known works of art, because he is a local icon and I'm interested in his subjects and use of colour. The idea of including his stories in the mural came about through talking to local residents in the area. The idea is to keep painting until it reaches a Guinness World Record", says El Pelado. 

The mural includes portraits of real people, from local factory workers to the artist's young son Theo.