First time in the city?
Everything you need to know for your first visit to Buenos Aires.

Everything you need to know before your visit

Now you've whet your appetite by browsing the must-see attractions that lay in store for you in Buenos Aires, and the many reasons to look forward to your visit, here's some info on the practicalities.

1. Public transport

Buenos Aires has a quick, efficient and economical public transport system with more than 180 bus lines linking every area of the city and six underground metro (subte) lines, which connect the city's historic political and financial centre with the main avenues, train stations and coach stations. 

2. SUBE travelcard

To travel on public transport, you'll need a SUBE travelcard. You can pick one up from one of our Tourist Assistance Centers, at Subte stations or at many kiosks throughout the city. Simply charge the card with credit and you're ready to travel. To check the best way to get from A to B, download the free app Cómo Llego for your smartphone.

3. Cycling

Another good way to get around is by bicycle. The city has one of the world's biggest networks of cycle lanes and a free 24-hour public bikeshare scheme called EcoBici.

4. Digital resources

Be sure to check out our suggested itineraries for 24 hours, 48 hours or a week in the city, depending on the length of your stay. These circuits combine the history of Plaza de Mayo, the gastronomy of Puerto Madero, the traditions of the Caminito and the style of Palermo, among other highlights.  

5. Useful information

Get the lowdown on the climate, healthcare, money, safety and everything else you need to know ahead of your arrival.

6. Getting help

In the unlikely event that you have any problems during your trip, you can contact the tourist police on (+54 9 11) 5050 3293 / 9260.