4pm | San Telmo

Move on to the city's most bohemian neighbourhood

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San Telmo dates back to the origins of the city and its cobblestone streets hold memories of the city's colonial past. Start with Parque Lezama, where you'll find the National History Museum. This landscaped park, formerly property of the Lezama family, provided inspiration for the writer Ernesto Sábato, while the writer Jorge Luis Borges declared his love to Estela Canto, another writer, among the park's many statues and monuments. 

If you need a break, there are several picturesque cafes and bar in Avenida Caseros, or you can head further north to Plaza Dorrego, where there's an antiques market on Sundays.

Other attractions nearby include the Museum of Modern Art (MAMBA) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA). 

Guided Tours:

-The city tourist board offers guided tours of San Telmo every Tuesday at 11am in English and 3pm in Spanish.

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At the junction of Bolívar and Caseros, you can take bus number 39. It'll take you about 40 minutes to reach our next destination, Plaza Cortázar (popularly known as Plaza Serrano)

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