4.30pm | An afternoon shopping

Search for bargains at the discount outlets in Villa Crespo.

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Arriving in the neighbourhood of Villa Crespo, you'll find a lot of shops, including many brand name factory outlets.

Walk along Calle Aguirre between the junctions with Thames and Malabia, along Gurruchaga from numbers 700 to 900, or Loyola from Serrano to Malabia.

There are also discount outlets on Avenida Córdoba, between Lavalleja and Av. Juan B. Justo with popular brands and more pocket-friendly prices than in the city's regular stores.


It's a good time to stop for refreshments. You can enjoy an afternoon snack in a cafe such as Mill (Scalabrini Ortíz 801), Santé (Loyola 807), Malvón (Serrano 789) or Infanto (J. de Velasco 1153).

Moving on:

Walk along Lavalleja, turn left into Honduras and walk seven blocks to Plaza Cortázar (ex Plaza Serrano).
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