3.00pm | Antiques in San Telmo

The Sunday antiques fair in Plaza Dorrego is a must

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Almost 300 antiques sellers set up shop at the Sunday market in Plaza Dorrego, San Telmo, offering a mix of old furnishings and ornaments that belonged to houses in the area, old advertising signs, vinyl records, soda siphons musical instruments, clocks and more. The fair became such a success that the stalls now extend around the surrounding streets, in Calle Defensa, Humberto Primo and part of Pasaje Giuffra. Most of the stalls in Plaza Dorrego itself sell antiques, while those in Calle Defensa sell more contemporary crafts and oddities and in Pasaje Giuffra you can find clothing.


On Sundays, restaurants in the area open with tables on the street. There are shows at the historic bars, artists open their ateliers and the streets have a carnival atmosphere, with tango, organ players, mime artists, clowns, and more.


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