Buenos Aires is famous for its phenomenal nightlife.

Nighthawks and revellers, welcome to your spiritual home.

Drinking and dancing is a huge part of porteño culture; bars come alive from 10pm on most nights, and clubs (‘boliches’) get going at around 2am. If you want to effortlessly blend in with porteños, be sure to try Fernet, a bitter aromatic spirit often mixed with coke.

See here for details of Buenos Aires world-class cocktail scene.


Most of BA's big clubs are located along the Costanera (riverside) and in the Palermo Soho and Hollywood neighbourhoods, and they play anything from electro beats and old-school hip hop, to house and drum ‘n´ bass.

Check out our suggestions below. For more information on club nights, take a look at the Vuenosairez listings page. Gringo in Buenos Aires also has information on clubs, and for tips on clubbing etiquette LandingPadBA has some basic guidelines for the uninitiated.

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