A bar-cum-oasis in the heart of Palermo Soho.

In one of the city's busiest areas for nightlife, this bar-cum-oasis in the heart of Palermo Soho offers classic and inventive cocktails amid fronds of lush foliage. Billed as a "bar botánico", Parque has an internal bar full of vegetation plus an open-air patio - they can provide ponchos if it's cold out! Cocktails are ordered on the menu according to the country of origin or influence, resulting in a range of classic and innovative options for every taste. 






Classic cocktails and innovative ideas.


Cocktails with homemade ingredients.

Gran Bar Danzón

A good wine list, cocktails and creative dishes.


Bar with a terrace that's ideal for warm nights in Buenos Aires.

Los Galgos

One of the city's listed “bares notables”, renovated to maintain its traditional spirit.

Mad Bar

A variety of hamburgers and original cocktails.


Friendly bar that never goes out of fashion.


Elegant bar harking back to the golden age of cocktails in the heart of Recoleta.

Rey de Copas

The perfect place for a night out with a group

SHOUT Brasas & Drinks

A bar with a markedly Argentine identity.