Parque Lezama

Luxurious private garden turned public park

One the private garden of the Lezama family, Parque Lezama in San Telmo (corner of Defensa and Brazil) is one of the city's oldest parks.

Today, Parque Lezama’s hilly walkways and embankments and many sculptures offer a treat for sunbathers and amblers. The park is open 24 hours a day. 

On Defensa, on the western side of the park you’ll find the National History Museum (Museo Histórico Nacional), which opened its doors in 1897. On it’s north side you’ll easily spot the bright blue domes of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity (Brasil 315), designed by Alejandro Christophersen.

Close by, on the corner of Brasil and Defensa, are two of the city’s historic bars, El Británico and El Hipopótamo.