9pm | Beef and tango

Two traditional highlights of Buenos Aires to round off the perfect two-day tour.

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Finish your stay in the city with two traditional highlights of an evening out in the city. If you're a meat eater, a juicy asado de tira or bife de chorizo - two of the most popular cuts of beef - in a local parrilla is a must, best accompanied with a provoleta cheese and fried potatoes. Then, after dinner, it's time to dance off the calories at one of the city's many milongas - traditional social events where you can see couples dancing tango, the dance that originated in Buenos Aires. One of the biggest and most famous milongas is La Viruta (Armenia 1366), but there are other options nearby: Villa Malcom (Av. Córdoba 5064), an old neighbourhood social club, and the more intimate and bohemian Oliverio Girondo (Vera 574).  

Most venues offer classes before the milonga begins, so you can pick up some of the basics before the more experienced dancers arrive, then order a glass of wine, watch the couples circle on the dancefloor and take your own first steps. The perfect way to finish a visit to Buenos Aires.


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