9.00am | Evita's arrival in Buenos Aires.

Start the day at the grand station where a young Evita arrived in Buenos Aires.

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Born in 1919, Eva María Duarte, better known as "Evita" became Argentina’s most famous, and polarising, female icon. She married the future president Juan Domingo Perón in 1945 and while her populist style was controversial, she is still revered by many people in Argentina due to her pioneering social welfare programmes and campaigning for women's rights - everything from female suffrage to shared parental custody of children. 

"Evita" was actually born in the town of Los Toldos, some 300km west of Buenos Aires, in the province of La Pampa, but she moved to Buenos Aires as a teenager in 1935, following a wave of migration from the provinces and hoping to find fame as an actress. 

So a good place to start your tour is at the grand Retiro Train Station, where Evita arrived in the city from her small hometown, aged just 15.

The station is an architectural gem, and has a classic cafe where you can get coffee and pastries for breakfast as you imagine the young Evita's arrival in the city.

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 Head south along Av. Leandro N. Alem to the classic venue Luna Park (Bouchard 465), which proved important in Evita's rise to fame.


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