11.00pm | An Irish pint

We finish the day in a pub with a Celtic atmosphere

There are many Irish pubs in the city, recreating the atmosphere of Celtic pub experience. Most offer beer, and some have whisky and to eat, fries, simple dishes and occasionally specialities like Irish stew. Buenos Aires now celebrates St Patrick's Day (March 17) as much as many other cities, with many non-Irish bars adopting the festival as part of their end of summer agenda. 

St Patrick was a bishop in the fourth century AD, who is remembered for having liberated Ireland for serpents and having taught the country's people how to make beer - the perfect excuse to drink in his honour!

Another popular night at the city's Irish pubs is Halloween on October 31, marking the start of the Celtic winter.

Some recommended Irish pubs in Buenos Aires:

The Kilkenny

M.T. de Alvear 399. This pub plays celtic music.

John John

Reconquista 924.

Druid Inn

Reconquista 1040.

The Shamrock

Rodríguez Peña 1220.

The Temple Bar

Marcelo T. de Alvear 945.

Bar Seddón

25 de Mayo 774 y Hipólito Irigoyen 640. 


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