10.00am | Walk along Calle Florida

Walk the city's first and most famous pedestrianised street

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In Calle Florida, the city's first pedestrianised shopping street, you'll find all kinds of shopping experiences, from historic arcades to contemporary brands. At the junction with Avenida Córdoba, you'll find Galerías Pacífico, an extravagant shopping centre with murals painted by famous Argentine artists. The Pacifico takes up a whole block, so you can walk through it and exit on Calle San Martín.

One block further, approaching the junction with Viamonte, you'll find a very special corner. The monastery and church Santa Catalina de Siena was built in 1740 and was home to Dominican nuns for many years. Today only one cloister remains, but there are two restaurants inside with patios that offer an oasis of calm in the centre of the city.minicas.

Returning to Calle Florida, you can continue either way. Heading one way, after three blocks you'll reach the art deco Kavanagh building, for a long time South America's tallest skyscraper. The building overlooks Plaza San Martín, where you can find several opulent mansions. Heading in the opposite direction, after six blocks you'll reach Galería Güemes, an art nouveau shopping arcade with one of the best panoramic views of the city.


If you have a query, drop by the Tourist Assistance Center at Florida number 50, before reaching Avenida Rivadavia.

Moving on:

Walk along Florida until you reach Plaza de Mayo. 
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