Galería Güemes

Recognised for its Art Nouveau architecture and one of the best views of Buenos Aires

La Galería Güemes is a true gem in the centre of Buenos Aires. This 100-metre shopping arcade, which opened in 1915 and unites the streets Florida and San Martín, conserves its European Art Nouveau-influenced architecture and captivates visitors with details such as its period elevators, glass dome and bronze-work.

One of the highlights is the viewpoint on the 14th floor, which, at 87 metres, offers a panoramic view of the city, over the roofs of other major buildings, and the Rio de la Plata river. The building was once the tallest in the city, and it is even possible to see the coast of Uruguay on a clear day.

The viewpoint can be accessed Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 12 noon and 3.00pm - 5.30pm. The price of entry is economical and up to 25 people can enter at a time.