Tips on sustainable tourism
Buenos Aires invites you to enjoy the city in an eco-friendly way. Here are some ideas to have a greener trip.

Buenos Aires has green spaces, 320 species of birds, 160km of cycle lanes, internationally recognised sustainable architecture and free, healthy activities for everyone to enjoy.  Here are some ideas if you want to make your visit to the city as eco-friendly as possible.

  • Take advantage of our tours in the great outdoors

Sun, fresh air and stand-out sights, are all part of the guided tours offered by the city tourist board. For more active visitors, guides also offer extended long-distance treks of four or five hours, taking in a large number of the city’s main attractions.  More information here.

  • Separate your waste

The city is trying to reduce the amount of waste generated and you can help by separating recyclable items such as paper, metal, and glass and putting them in the green bins and green bell containers in the city.

  • Travel on foot, or jump on a bike

Buenos Aires boasts more than 200 km of cycle lanes. What’s more the city is largely flat, so cycling is a comfortable and eco-friendly way to travel. You can also hire bikes at stations throughout the city. See here for more details on cycling in Buenos Aires.

  • Check out the city’s cutting edge “intelligent buildings”

Innovative energy-efficient buildings include the new Buenos Aires city hall, recognised as best sustainable building 2016 by the American Planning Association. This eco-friendly building was designed by British architect Norman Foster and forms part of a neighbourhood regeneration programme.

  • Buy organic

As part of its diverse gastronomic offering, Buenos Aires has many organic food stores, and a regular touring organic market.

  • Stay at hotels that have won the city’s Eco-seal

Many hotels and hostels have already achieved the city government’s three-level eco-seal standard. This project certifies establishments’ environmental credentials. A list of accommodation options that are already participating can be found here.

  • Go birdwatching

There are more than 320 species of birds in the city of Buenos Aires and several birdwatching circuits attract experts and enthusiasts. One of the most popular sites is the Costanera Sur nature reserve, which has been recognised by the Birdlife International organisation for its importance in conservation. The Tres de Febrero park in Palermo and Parque Sarmiento in Saavedra are other popular sites.