Discover Buenos Aires' cocktail scene
Buenos Aires' cocktail bars have gained a reputation for style, creativity and bartending flair. Here we list just 40 of the best.

Discover Buenos Aires' world class cocktail bars

Buenos Aires undisputedly boasts the best cocktail scene in Latin America, and gives many other international cities a run for their money. In fact, the city’s cocktail scene can be a reason to visit in itself.

From “secret” speakeasies to classy hotels, the city's cocktail bars have gained a reputation for outstanding style, original settings, great atmosphere and creative flair, becoming a major part of the city's draw.

A new generation of bartenders have created delicious new inventions of their own while recovering classic cocktails of the past, shaking them up with new ingredients and more detailed elaboration. The Negroni, for
example, a drink created in Italy in the 1920s by accident (when count Camilo Negroni asked a bartender in Florence to make an Americano using gin instead of soda) has reemerged as the star of the city’s most sophisticated bars.

There are hundreds of bars in the city, but listed below is a selection of some of the most talked about. Step back in time at prohibition-themed “secret” speakeasies, relax on starlit terraces, enjoy the latest music, or soak up the atmosphere at popular night spots.

How to make a Negroni, the star of the Buenos Aires cocktail scene 

1. Place two or three ice cubes in an Old Fashioned glass.
2. Pour in equal parts gin, red vermouth and your choice of amaro.
3. Mix gently.
4. Garnish with orange peel.

See here for a look at some of Buenos Aires' most original cocktails.

Plaza Bar

For those in search of classic cocktails served with traditional panache

Pony Line (Four Seasons Buenos Aires)

With a house DJ and guests, Pony Line breaks the mold for hotel bars.


Friendly bar that never goes out of fashion.

Prado y Neptuno

Travel to 1950s Cuba.


Elegant bar harking back to the golden age of cocktails in the heart of Recoleta.

Puerta Uno

Live Djs provide the music at this innovative bar.

Rey de Copas

The perfect place for a night out with a group


Classic cocktails that never fail

SHOUT Brasas & Drinks

A bar with a markedly Argentine identity.

Sky Bar – Hotel Pulitzer

Hotel bar offering one of the city´s best views.


This bar surprises with its large garden.

The Harrison

Acclaimed prohibition-themed cocktail bar hidden behind a sushi joint.