Day 7 | A week in Buenos Aires
Feria de Mataderos, Abasto shopping centre, the Carlos Gardel house-museum and more.


Kick off your last day in town with a taste of country life at the traditional Mataderos fair (Av. Lisandro de la Torre and Av. de los Corrales), which runs every Sunday, 11.00am - 8.00pm, from March to December inclusive. Here, just a short trip from the city centre, you can get a feel for Argentina's countryside traditions - silverwork, ponchos, horses, gauchos, folklore and traditional country food.


At Av. Directorio and Murguiondo, take bus 104, and after about an hour, you'll reach the intersection of the streets Mitre and Jean Jaurès, in the neighbourhood of Balvanera. Here there are lots of Peruvian options for lunch: El Rey (Agüero 457), Carlitos Pollería (av. Corrientes 3070), Chabuca Granda (Anchorena 571) or Mochica (Agüero 520).

After lunch pay a visit to the Art Deco Abasto Shopping Centre (av. Corrientes 3247), a regenerated former produce market, and, nearby, the Carlos Gardel House Museum (Jean Jaurès 735), where the famous tango singer lived in the last years of his life in Buenos Aires.


At Jean Jaurès 500, take bus 124 to Parque Centenario, Buenos Aires' circular centenary park, and the geographic centre of the city. This is a popular place for residents to walk their dogs, run, practice tai-chi or dance and drink mate. It's also the location of the Bernadino Rivadavia Natural Science Museum (Av. Ángel Gallardo 490), which was founded in 1823 and has one of the most complete collections in Latin America.


For your last night in the city, an interesting option would be to explore the city's thriving alternative theatre scene. Known as "off-Corrientes" theatre to differentiate them from the mainstream theatres on Avenida Corrientes, alternative theatres crop up all over the city, but particularly in the neighbourhoods of Boedo, Almagro and Villa Crespo. It's worth checking listings and buying tickets in advance.

Check what's on at the theatres Hasta Trilce (Maza 177) and Timbre 4 (Av. Boedo 640) in Boedo; El Camarín de las Musas (Mario Bravo 960), El portón de Sánchez (Sánchez de Bustamante 1034), Espacio Callejón (Humahuaca 3759), Elefante Club de Teatro (Guardia Vieja 4257), Elkafka (Lambaré 866) and La Lunares (Humahuaca 4027) in Almagro; and  Nün teatro-bar (Juan Ramírez de Velasco 419), Teatro el Perro (Bonpland 800) and El Excéntrico de la 18º (Lerma 420) in Villa Crespo.


For listings of upcoming events on the alternative theatre scene, check the website Alternativa Teatral.  


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