ARA Sarmiento Frigate museum ship
Hop on board the training ship that sailed all around the world.
Where: Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 980, Puerto Madero.
When: every day, 10am to 7pm (except when it rains)
The Sarmiento Frigate served as a naval training ship from 1899 to 1939 on the international seas. During this time, it completed 37 training voyages to different countries. After 1940, it continued to serve as a training ship on national waters, and since 1961 has been maintained as a museum, as well as a national historic monument. 
The ship sailed as a peace ambassador for Argentine even during times of international wars.
Visitors can explore the different spaces on the ship, including the dining room, machine room the bunks and more. Exhibits include items that were used at sea, including maps, nautical instruments, weapons and souvenirs collected by crew members.
There is a small entry fee.


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