Tierra Santa (Holy Land theme park)

A world first: a religious theme park based on a giant model of Jerusalem.

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This theme park, the only one of its kind in the world. tells the biblical story of Jesus Christ's life from his birth through to his crucifixion and resurrection. The seven-hectare park located on Buenos Aires' northern riverside is based on a giant model of the city of Jerusalem 2,000 years ago.

Visitors can attend moments in Jesus Chirst's life, including the nativity, the last supper, the stations of the cross, can visit the wailing wall and a Roman temple, and even witness the creation of the world as according to the Old Testament. But the grand highlight is perhaps the recreation of Christ's resurrection, which sees a model of Christ rise from an artificial mountain every 30 minutes.

Throughout the park, actors portray the inhabitants of Jerusalem at the time and depict the different cultures - Jewish, Roman and Arabic - that lived together in the city at that time. Three restaurants offer Armenian and Arabic food, and pizza. The park also stages several musical shows and a puppet show for the youngest visitors.

Explore the neighbourhood of Palermo.


OBLIGADO RAFAEL, Av.Costanera 5790

4784 9551