The Palermo rose garden

A garden with more than 18,000 roses in the heart of Parque Tres de Febrero


Located within the Palermo neighbourhood's Parque Tres de Febrero - one of the most popular parks in the city, is this collection of more than 18,000 roses surrounded by a lake and acres of parkland.

The land belonged to the country house of Argentine president Juan Manuel de Rosas until he was defeated in the battle of Caseros on February 3 1852. The work to design the garden was begun by French landscaper Charles Thays and finished by his disciple Benito Carrasco in 1914.

Pruning takes place every July and visitors can approach the gardeners to ask for flowers or cuttings to take home. This way, the roses start flower after winter, reaching their best in October.

The rose garden (rosedal in Spanish) has received the international WFRS Garden Excellence Award. As well as its roses, it features a lake with a bridge, an amphitheatre, an Andalusian patio and a poets' garden with 26 busts of famous writers including Alfonsina Storni, Dante Alighieri, William Shakespeare and Jorge Luis Borges.