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Monument to General San Martín

Sculptural tribute to Argentina's liberator, made in 1862.

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This monument to the General José de San Martín, recognised as the liberator of Argentina, was created in 1862 by French sculptor Louis Joseph Daumas. It was the first equetrian statue in the city.

In around 1910, the German sculptor Gustav Eberlein designed the red granite base and the four corner sculptures, which represent landmark moments in San Martín's campaign for the country's independence - "The Departure to War", "The Battle", "The Victory" and the "The Return of the Victor".

The figure of Mars, god of war, can be seen at the front of the platform, and on the other three faces, there is a series of bas-reliefs depicting different battles. José de San Martín (1778-1850) was the greatest hero of the Argentine War of Independence and is also recognised as the liberator of Peru and Chile. An outstanding general and strategist, in 1812 he created the Regiment of Mounted Grenadiers, whose barracks were located in this square.

Between 1813 and 1818, San Martín led crucial moments in the fight for independence, defeating Spanish troops at the Battle of San Lorenzo, reorganising the Army of the North, becoming Governor of Cuyo and creating the Army of the Andes, which he led across the mountains into Chile to liberate the neighbouring country from Spanish rule, before moving north to liberate Peru in 1820.