Luna Park

Famous venue associated with music, political rallies and Argentine boxing.

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Located downtown in the very centre of the city's financial and political district, Luna Park is the city's classic sport and music venue, which witnessed many important 20th century events. As well as being the city's traditional venue for boxing, it hosted appearances by people as varied as Frank Sinatra, Pope John Paul and Pavarotti as well as political rallies on all sides of the political spectrum.

A huge memorial event was held at the venue in 1936 when tango singer Carlos Gardel's remains were repatriated following the fatal plane crash in Colombia. Juan Domingo Perón and his future wife María Eva "Evita" Duarte are purported to have met here at a charity event in 1944, and the couple presided over various political rallies at the venue. In 1989, the football player Diego Maradona celebrated his marriage to Claudia Villafañe at the venue with 1,200 guests.



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