Juan Carlos Pallarols atelier

Home to successive generations of goldsmiths.

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San Telmo

Successive generations of the Pallarols family of goldsmiths lived in this building. The family, which hailed from Catalonia in Spain, arrived in Buenos Aires at the start of the 19th century. Today the building is the home of Juan Carlos, the sixth generation to maintain the family profession.

This prestigious goldsmith is known around the world and has produced pieces for Pope John Paul II, Princess Diana of Wales, Queen Maxima of Holland and the Spanish royal family. For more than 70 years, the Pallarols has made the presidential baton for the presidents of Argentina.

Other renowned artists who live or work in the San Telmo neighbourhood include Jorge Rajadell (Defensa 1056), Martiniano Arce (Perú 1089) and Jorge Muscia (Carlos Calvo 370).