Iglesia de Santa Felicitas

Church dedicated to a beautiful woman who was killed by a suitor.

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Although it's named after Saint Felicitas of Rome, this church was inspired by another Felicitas. It was built in 1875 by the parents of Felicitas Guerrero in memory of their daughter, a young widow who was considered one of the most beautiful women in Buenos Aires and was murdered by a snubbed suitor in 1872 (the murderer was a dandy called Enrique Ocampo, uncle of the famous writers Victoria and Silvina O'Campo).

The design of the church was overseen by the architect Ernesto Bunge and has an eclectic style with gothic influences. It is the only church in the city that houses secular statues - marble images of Felicitas herself along with her children and her husband Martín de Álzaga, nephew of the owner of this land during colonial times.

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