Big old house for dancing latin rhythms.

This place is structured like a traditional Buenos Aires tenement, with long passageways and different rooms. At the entrance there's a bar and a dancefloor playing electronic pop music, then two passageways leading to the bathrooms, and beyond, a smaller dancefloor playing latin hits from the 1980s, including Brazilian music. The idea is that clubgoers circulate between the two floors, passing through the bathrooms like a kind of carousel. At the end of the night, everyone goes to the smaller dancefloor, where there's no option but to dance a little closer.




Dance cumbia into the early hours!

Mandrake - Bar Mágico

A different night out at this magic bar.

Palacio Alsina

The biggest club in the city centre.

Peluquería La Chola García

Hairdressers that also works magic on moustaches and beards.

Puerta Abierta pensioners' centre

Gay retirement home founded by the first lesbian couple to marry in Argentina.

Salon Pueyrredón

Live bands for all tastes.

San Bernardo

Pool and games club with a bohemian crowd.


A place to dance, drink and enjoy the show.

Sky Bar – Hotel Pulitzer

Hotel bar offering one of the city´s best views.