Estación Federal

A market where you'll find souvenirs and crafts from all over the country in one place.

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Estación Federal is a market that brings together products made by small entrepreneurs from all over the country. It's a different kind of shopping experience where non-profit organisations also have their space.

You'll find everything here, from the best wine from Mendoza to handmade educational toys offered with the advice of an on-site child psychologist, passing through leather goods, silver and nickel silver, and much more.

You can also eat here or have a coffee in the bar, which is run by hearing impaired staff. The menu comes in sign language, which customers can then use to place their order.

There are also workshops on running your own orchard, and other educational spaces, all in the middle of the grand Tres de Febrero Park.

By shopping at Estación Federal, customers are choosing responsible consumption, helping small, independent producers and NGOs, while finding top quality regional products.

Days and times: Wednesday to Sunday, and public holidays, 11am to 6pm (in winter). Wednesday to Sunday, and public holidays, 10am to 8pm (in summer)

When: Wednesday to Sunday plus public holidays, 10am - 8pm.




Miércoles a domingos y feriados, de 10 a 20 h.