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Enrique Larreta Museum of Spanish Art

Neo-colonial mansion with magnificent Andalusian garden and collection of art spanning five centuries

Present in tours

This museum located in a mansion that more than a century ago belonged to former modernist writer Enrique Larreta boasts one of main collectors of Spanish art in Argentina. It's worth visiting for the vast collection of art, which spans from the middle ages right through to the 20th century and includes furniture, ceramics, books, weapons and other objects, but also to see the home itself, which was Larreta's summer residence and has a magnificent Andalusian garden.

A visit to the museum offers a chance to see inside one of the city's few neo-colonial buildings, while the garden is often used to host concerts and open-air exhibitions during the summer months.

Guided tours are available (in Spanish) with prior inscription, Monday - Friday at 2.00pm, and weekends and public holidays at 3.00pm and 5.00pm. Tours of the garden are offered the first Saturday of every month at 3.00pm and 5.00pm.

Who was Enrique Larreta?

Enrique Larreta was a painter, renowned writer and great sportsman. In the early 1900s he undertook diplomatic work in France and Spain, and in the latter discovered and became fascinated the Hispanic-Islamic gardens of places such as the Alhambra in Granada and decided he wanted to built something similar. Larreta published his first literary work, Artemis set in Ancient Greece, in 1896. Later came his most famous novel The Glory of Don Ramiro, which became an international bestseller after it was translated into French.

Larreta also wrote theatrical works including Santa María del Buen Aire, the Two Foundations of Buenos Airesires and El Linyera (The Hobo), this last making him the first writer to explore cinema in Argentina and to direct the film version of his work. ased on his own work. The film of El Linyera premiered on September 12 1933. 


Did you know that this building was actually a wedding present given to Josefina Anchorena on her marriage to Enrique Larreta? The gift was from the bride's mother. Josefina's body rests in Recoleta Cemetery. Learn more about these and other details in the museum's guided tours.

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