El Histórico

Italian pasta served in the colonial-style headquarters of the Argentine Writers' Society

El Histórico has an impressive facade and a colonial-style patio with a water well, which date back when the building was the home of wealthy heiress Felicitas Guerrero, who was to remarry with Samuel Sáenz Valiente until he was killed by another suitor.

Many years later, the home became the headquarters of the Sociedad Argentina de Escritores, the Argentine Writers' Society. That's why you'll fine an impressive library of 2,400 books in the main dining room. The building is also known as the "casa de José Hernández”, after the author of one of Argentina's most famous texts, Martín Fierro, since Hernández often came here.

Highlights of the menu include black Fettuccini with squid and Sorrentinos a la Romana.