Costanera Norte (northern riverside)

A riverside corridor full of parks and open spaces.

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The Costanera Norte, or northern riverside, is a coastal corridor that runs alongside the world’s widest river - the Rio de la Plata - from Recoleta all the way to Ciudad Universitaria (University City), passing through Palermo. On long the route, you’ll find parks, shopping centres, bars, clubs and sports centres.

Something to eat?

There are plenty of places to eat on the Costanera Norte, from upmarket restaurants, to the popular “carritos” - rustic-looking food trucks offering classic sausage sandwiches (choripan) or pork (bondiola) sandwich which you can load with homemade sauces and salads. Wave at the planes taking off and landing at Aeroparque Jorge Newbery while you’re there.

The Centro Costa Salguero hosts large events including electronic music parties, and there are other popular nightclubs nearby, many of which offer dinner first and start to fill up from 2am onwards.

Green spaces

The costanera norte is characterised by clean air, green spaces and river views. There are no buildings blocking the sun, and there’s plenty of space to roam. Heading north of the airport, you’ll find the Parque de la Memoria, a space for reflection created in memory of the victims of state terrorism during Argentina’s last military dictatorship. Slightly further north along the riverside is the Ciudad Universitaria (university city), a campus belonging to the University of Buenos Aires. The site is open to the public, and contains many green spaces, bordering the Costanera Norte Ecological Reserve. Heading still further north, kids will love the Parque de los Niños (Children’s park), where you’ll find sandpits, playthings, picnic tables, and the best views of the river. It’s also possible to hire kites to fly. In the summer, the city government sets up a beach in this park, complete with sand, parasols, sun loungers and activities like beach volleyball.


If you’re into extreme sports head to the Costanera Norte Sports Park for skateboarding and much more. Cyclists can make use of Circuito KDT, a purpose built cycle circuit in the Manuel Belgrano Park and boasts a swimming pool, velodrome, speedball and volleyball courts and more. There are also cycle lanes in the area. Another sport practised in the area is fishing, and you’ll see people fishing along the riverside every day. And if you fancy eating fish, head to the Club de los Pescadores, or Fishermen’s Club, a classic building with a lot of history.

University City

Ciudad Universitaria is one of the University of Buenos Aires' (UBA) campuses and is still being regenerated. The entry area boasts sculptures from local and international artists, and there is a memorial monument to the victims of state terrorism.

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OBLIGADO RAFAEL, Av.Costanera 4100