Classic night out with a 30-year history.

One of Buenos Aires' longest running nightclubs, Contramano opened its doors in 1984, just after the return of democracy in Argentina. Known as “la catedral” or “el living”, by regulars, the venue is most popular with gay men in their mid to late thirties and over. What makes Contramano stand out is that it continues to be a popular pick-up place - there's no need to go with a group of friends; if you go alone, someone's likely to strike up a conversation with you.

The music is mainly danceable pop, and the drinks are strong, with the second floor bar offering imported brands.




Big old house for dancing latin rhythms.


Dance cumbia into the early hours!

Mandrake - Bar Mágico

A different night out at this magic bar.

Niceto Club

A classic nightspot that attracts different crowds.

Palacio Alsina

The biggest club in the city centre.

Peluquería La Chola García

Hairdressers that also works magic on moustaches and beards.

Puerta Abierta pensioners' centre

Gay retirement home founded by the first lesbian couple to marry in Argentina.

Salon Pueyrredón

Live bands for all tastes.

San Bernardo

Pool and games club with a bohemian crowd.


A place to dance, drink and enjoy the show.

Sky Bar – Hotel Pulitzer

Hotel bar offering one of the city´s best views.