City Legislature Museum

A journey through the history and architecture of the city legislature building.

The Museo de la Legislatura was opened in 2015 after a year of investigation and restoration of the upper galleries of the legislature building's Dorado and San Martín rooms.

It has two main focus points: the history of the city's legislative body, which is traced back to the time of the Cabildo colonial town hall, and the architectural features of this impressive building, which was home to the city council from 1931 until 1996, as well as the Municipal Museum from 1938.

Highlights of the museum's collection include legislative records dating back as far as 1856 and art by Facio Hebequer, Héctor Basaldúa and Enrique Larrañaga, and sculptures by Leo Vinci, Antonio Pujía and Walter Gavito. There is also a fine collection of furniture and a homage to the building's architect Héctor Ayerza which recreates his office on the main balcony, with several pieces designed by the architect himself.

The museum has a space for viewing books belonging to the Esteban Echeverría library as well as a workshop for book restoration with information on the importance of the work. The first floor includes the Dorado room dressing room, which was used by Evita Perón when the building housed her social foundation, and there's also information on the neighbouring Palacio Aguirre. Various multimedia resources allow visitors to connect with and appreciate the role of the legislature in the installation and maintenance of democracy.

Times: Monday to Friday, 12 noon - 6pm.

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