Carlos Gardel House Museum

A museum dedicated to Carlos Gardel, located in the legendary singer's former home

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Located in the house where he lived his last years in Buenos Aires, this museum is dedicated to all things Gardel.

The collection includes personal items, photographs and examples of his work, and the venue also organises concerts and film showings.

Gardel bought the house in 1927 for his mother, Berta. It's a typical house from the first half of the twentieth century, located in the Balvanera neighbourhood. Gardel lived in the house with his mother until 1933, when he died in a plane crash while travelling to perform in Medellín, Colombia.

There is much debate about whether Carlos Gardel was born in Uruguay in 1887 or in Toulouse, France, in 1890, but what is known is that he came to Buenos Aires with his mother as a boy and grew up in the same neighbourhood where the museum is now located. During his singing career, he recorded music and starred in films in Latin America, Europe and the USA.



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