Botanical Garden

A 7-hectare garden with 6,000 species of trees and plants

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The Jardín Botánico is a place to walk, relax and discover a range of plants and trees native to Argentina, and other regions. 

Occupying seven hectares, the garden has a collection of some 6,000 tree and plant species, a botanical library, Roman, French and oriental gardens, a herbarium, and five greenhouses, including an art nouveau structure that won an award at the Paris Universal Exposition in 1900. 

Many of the plants and trees are grouped into regions, including a collection of native Argentine flora featuring species such as the tipa (tipuana tipu), cedro salteño, ibirá-puitá (peltophorum dubium), and quebracho colorado (schinopsis).

The grounds also contain a large collection of sculptures and an English-style house used to host temporary art exhibitions and workshops. The city government's gardening school also functions on the site, which was founded by French landscaper Charles Thays, who designed many of the city's parks and squares, and was inaugurated in 1898.

Opening hours:

Tuesday - Friday, 8.00am - 6.45pm. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, 9.30am - 6.45pm.

Closed on Mondays.

Guided tours: 

Free guided tours (in Spanish) are offered at 10.30am and 3.00pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.



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