Boca Juniors' "Bombonera" stadium

Visit the legendary stadium La Bombonera, home of Maradona's beloved Boca Juniors.

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La Bombonera

For football fans, no trip to BA is complete without visiting the Bombonera stadium, or Estadio Alberto J. Armando, as it’s officially called, home to Maradona’s beloved Boca Juniors and often considered the stadium with the most intense, passionate atmosphere in the world. The stadium is just a stone’s throw from the famous Caminito of La Boca and is known as La Bombonera ("the chocolate box") owing to its unusual 'D' shape and steep sides, which give it incredible acoustics. The stands are very close to the pitch, with only a small space separating the fans from the field of play, which makes for an unbeatable atmosphere at matches.


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The stadium was inaugurated on May 25 1940. Look out for the murals Pérez Celis, Rómulo Macció and Quinquela Martín in the entrance and exterior of the stadium, and check out the stadium's museum, the Museo de la Pasión Boquense, open daily from 10am-6pm, to learn about the history of the club.


According to the British newspapers The Observer and The Sun, the "superclásico" rivalry match between Boca Juniors and River Plata at La Bombonera is the most intense sporting experience in the world, and the "number one sporting event to witness before you die". While the clash takes place at La Bombonera only once every season, it's well worth taking in any match held at this legendary stadium.

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What happens on the pitch itself is only part of the spectacle of the experience of watching a football match in Argentina. In the stands, supporters go wild, singing, shouting, jumping, embracing, and generally expressing their passion for their team. You'll learn the words of the local songs and chants, celebrate with strangers and smile as you understand that you've discovered the true essence of Argentine people. Read more about Buenos Aires' passion for football.

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