Transporter Bridge

This colossal iron structure is a major landmark linking the city and the province.

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La Boca

The two bridges crossing the mouth of the Riachuelo create a well-know silhouette in this part of the city and link Buenos Aires City with the district of Avellaneda in Buenos Aires Province. The oldest of the two bridges is a colossal iron structure and a national historic monument inaugurated in 1914. It was given the name of Nicolás Avellaneda, who was president of Agentina from 1874 to 1880.

This original bridge became obsolete and was joined by a modern concrete construction 1940. The most important such construction in Latin America when it was opened, the newer bridge measures 1,600 metres in length and has two towers of almost 50 metres in height. Pedestrians can access the bridge via stairs and escalators. 

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