River Plate Stadium

The Estadio Monumental is the biggest stadium in Argentina and the home of River Plate soccer club.

The Estadio Monumental is the home of Club Atlético River Plate, one of Argentina's two most popular football (soccer) clubs.

The stadium is one of the most important in South America, and, with a capacity of 76,000, it's the biggest in Argentina. It hosts most of Argentina's international home matches and has also been the venue for performances by international singers and bands.

Located in the neighborhood of Nuñez, the stadium opened in 1938 and was enlarged in 1978 when Argentina hosted (and won) the World Cup.

River Plate also has one of the largest sports museums in the world - 3,500 meters squared - with installations detailing the history of the club, including a 360º audiovisual spectacle.


River Plate was able to finish the stadium thanks to income generated from the sale of a single player - Enrique Omar Sívori - who was sold to Italy's Juventus in 1957 at a record price for the time.

The club took its name from an English mistranslation of Rio de la Plata - the estuary on which Buenos Aires sits. Plata means silver, not plate.