Palacio Barolo

Discover the secrets of this landmark Dante-inspired office building.
The Palace Barolo is a landmark office building in the Monserrat neighbourhood, that hides a number of curiosities.
The building was designed by Italian architect Mario Palanti for the businessman Luigi Barolo, with several curious architectural references to classical poet Dante Alighieri´s Divine Comedy. Palenti also incorporated Indian influences into his design.
Inaugurated in 1923, the building was the tallest in South America until the construction of the Kavanagh building in 1935. It was the first reinforced concrete building measuring more than 100m and is topped by a lighthouse which, in 1923 was used to transmit the result of a world title boxing match between Luis Angel Firpo and Jack Dempsey in New York.
Palenti later designed a sister building in Montevideo, across the Rio de la Plata river.

Guided Tours

A private operator runs guided tours of the building, which include access to the lighthouse for an impressive view of the Avenida de Mayo and the National Congress building. Information here:


DE MAYO AV. 1370