Mercado de Pulgas (Colegiales Flea Market)

Find all kinds of relics and antiques at one of the city's biggest flea markets

The flea market in Colegiales, close to Buenos Aires' audiovisual district, has become a hunting ground for locals looking to renovate their homes or businesses. Its 150 stalls stock everything from dusty relics and memorabilia to lovingly restored antique furniture and original, contemporary art.

As a result, the venue is a mix between bohemian market and quality design arcade that on one hand evokes nostalgia and on the other offers glimpses of the city's vibrant contemporary arts scene  Visitors can find furniture, paintings, sculptures, glassware, jewellery, cermaics, musical instruments, clothing and more, both old and new.

The market has five sections identified by colour, and six units on Calle Enrique Martinez, a street known as "el paseo de los Artesanos". As well as sales, many stalls offer restoration services.

On the upper floor, there is an art gallery with free entry.