Comic Strip Walk

Sculpture trail dedicated to Argentina's most popular comic strip characters

This sculpture trail brings a smile to children's faces, and to many adults faces too. The Paseo de la Historieta is dedicated to Argentine graphic humour and features sculptures of some of the country's most loved comic strip characters. 

The circuit crosses Monserrat, San Telmo and Puerto Madero neighbourhoods. the most popular attraction on the trail is the sculture of Mafalda at the corner of Defensa and Chile, where you will often find groups of people taking photographs sitting on a bench next to this philosophical little girl, who became famous throughout the Spanish-speaking world.   

Who's who?

Mafalda (Defensa and Chile) is one of Argentina's most popular comic strip characters. You can find her sitting on a bench with her friends Susanita and Manolo. She was created by Quino, initially for advertisements for a brand of electrodomestic products, and later for the magazine Primera Plana. Italian semiologist Umberto Eco once said that Mafalda was "important for understanding Argentina."

Isidoro Cañones (Balcarce and Chile). The character of Isidoro was created in 1935 and embodies the stereotypical Argentine little rich boy.

Larguirucho and Super Hijitus (Mexico and Balcarce). These two cartoon characters are much loved by Argentine children.

Matías (Balcarce 500). Matias is a naughty by friendly and ingenius boy, known for his strong imagination.

Don Fulgencio (Balcarce and Venezuela). Created in 1938, Don Fulgencio is a child who refuses to grow up.

Clemente (Balcarce 400). Clemente is a fan of women and football, and represents the national sense of humour.

The Divito Girls (Belgrano and Balcarce). These curvaceous women date back to the fashions of the 1950s and 1960s and inspired many Argentine women to copy their look.

Patoruzú (Paseo Colón and Belgrano). Created in 1936, this indigenous character represents the figure of a Tehuelche chief.

Patoruzito and Isidorito (Paseo Colón and Belgrano). Pastoruzito is Patoruzú as a child, created for a younger public.

Gaturro (Belgrano and Azopardo). Gaturro is an anti-hero cat, a dreamer and profound thinker, much loved by children.

Don Nicola (Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo and Azucena Villaflor). Created in 1937, Don Nicola was a friendly landlord who spoke a mixture of Spanish and Italian, typical of the city's Italian immigrants.

Negrazón and Chaveta (Juana Manzo and Marta Linch). These two characters represented typical working class people from Córdoba.

Diógenes and el Linyera (Marta Linch 400). These popular characters have had their own comic strip since 1977.

Langostino and Corina (Marta Linch 500). Langostino is a comic character who navegates the world on his tiny boat Corina, making humourous observations.

Jirafa (Av. de los Italianos 851). Jirafa (Giraffe) was created by Guillermo Mordillo, famous for his dialogue-free comic sketches, many of which refer to love and sport. His work has had success around the world.