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Casa Amarilla

Replica of the home of the Irishman who founded the Argentine navy.

Most people know Buenos Aires' Casa Rosada, or pink house, (the governmental palace in Plaza de Mayo), but the city also has a "yellow house". The Casa Amarilla is a replica of the former home of the Irish-born admiral Guillermo (William) Brown, who is known as the father of the Argentine navy.

Look out for the striking yellow building on your way from San Telmo to La Boca, or vice versa. It's just of Avenida Almirante Brown, which is also named after the famed admiral. 

The building houses the Department of Naval History Studies and the Brownian Institute, and has a library dedicated to the history of Brown and Argentina's navy.

Visits can be arranged by appointment for research purposes.

Email estudioshistoricosnavales@yahoo.com.ar 

or phone: Tel/DDI: 011-4362-1248 / 4362-1130