8am | Breakfast at one of the city's classic cafes

Start early to make the most of the day

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Kick things off by having breakfast like a genuine porteño (a resident of Buenos Aires), browsing the newspapers over a coffee with medialunas (small croissants) in one of the city's classic bars.

More than 80 bars and cafes have been declared “bares notables” by the city government due to their historic, cultural or architectural importance. La Biela, on one of the most attractive corners of the Recoleta neighbourhood, would be a convenient choice because it's near the start of our itinerary, but wherever you're staying, you're likely to find a bar notable nearby. Other classics include Café Tortoni (Av. de Mayo 825), Los Galgos (Av. Callao 501) and Bar Británico (corner of Av. Brasil and Defensa).  

Another option to try is hot chocolate with churros (fried strips of dough filled with dulce de leche) – a speciality at traditional city centre cafes like La Giralda (Av. Corrientes 1453) and El Vesuvio (Av. Corrientes 1181).


Many of the city's bars and cafes have breakfast promotions.


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