8.30pm | A night of beef and tango

A classic porteño recipe for an unforgettable night.

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If you're a meateater, you can't come to Buenos Aires and not indulge in Argentina's world-renowned beef. The asado, or barbecue, is the most typical national cuisine, and a parrilla, or barbecue steakhouse is the place to try it.

You'll find plenty of options in Palermo. As for cuts, go for Asado de tira or bife de chorizo accompanied by fries or salad, and perhaps a grilled provoleta cheese for a starter. Another option is to go for a full parrillada, or grill selection, with blood pudding, sausage and a range of cuts.

Vegetarians need not despair, most restaurants have vegetarian options, from salads to grilled vegetables, and there's plenty of pizza and pasta thanks to the city's Italian heritage.

If you're left with energy, let your food digest, then its time to dance, or at least watch the locals. Milongas are traditional social events for dancing tango and there are several in the area. One of the most well-known is La Viruta (Armenia 1366). There's also Villa Malcom (Av. Córdoba 5064) in an old social club and the more intimate Oliverio Girondo (Vera 574). All three offer classes, before the dancing starts. Bear in mind that the best dancers don't tend to arrive until past midnight! Grab a glass of malbec at the bar, and prepare for an unforgettable night.  


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