8.30am | The obelisk, and the heart of the city

Start the day at one of the city' most famous landmarks.

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The obelisk at the junction of Aveniday 9 de Julio and Avenida Corrientes is one of the city's most typical postcard images. It is here that football supporters gather to celebrate their teams' victories, and social movements gather to make their voices heard.

If you look south along 9 de Julio, you'll see the national Ministry for Social Development with a large image of Evita Perón on its side wall. The diagonal street that joins the junction is Avenida Roque Sáenz Peña, popularly known as Diagonal Norte, which connects the Palacio de la Justicia (national judiciary) with the Casa Rosada, site of the exectuive brance of the government.      


You'll find different phrases written on the four sides of the obelisk. Two refer to the establishment of Buenos Aires as a city, while one refers to the city's designation as Argentina's federal capital, and the other commemorates the first raising of the Argentine national flag.

How to continue:

Walk one block along Diagonal Norte in the direction of the Palacio de Justicia, until you reach the Colón theatre, our next stop. 


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