3.00pm | Evita's resting place

Eva Duarte's tomb is the most visited at Recoleta Cemetery.

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If you wander around the labyrinth necropolis of Recoleta Cemetery, you're likely to find the Duarte family mausoleum because of the crowd visiting it. Evita's tomb is a place of pilgrimage for thousands of people every year. Her body disappeared after Argentina's 1955 military coup and was eventually located in a cemetery in Italy. The body was brought back to Argentina and is now interred five metres underground to prevent it from being stolen again.

Close by, you can find the National Library (National Library), on whose site the Perons' presidential residence was located. A stone's throw from there is Plaza Evita, where you can reflect on the monument to Evita by Argentine sculptor Ricardo Gianetti. 

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Back on Avenida Pueyrredón, take bus number 93 and get off at the junction of Avenida Las Heras and Lafinur.


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