1.30pm | Evita´s death

Evita's embalmed body was displayed in public for two years.

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Walk, or take a bus, through  San Telmo and walk up to the corner of Av. Paseo Colón and Independencia, to the Facultad de Ingeniería (Engineering Faculty - pictured).

This building was originally designed to be the new seat of the Fundación Eva Perón, but Evita died before it was inaugurated. Behind it is the headquarters of the national trade union confederation, Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT), which played an important role in Perón politics. Evita’s body was embalmed and kept on display ar her former office here for two years after her death from cancer in 1952. Perón was planning to build a monument larger than the Statue of Liberty to house her body, but in 1955 he was overthrown by a military coup of 1955, and Evita's body disappeared.

To continue the itinerary

Take bus number 62 northbound on Paseo Colón and get off in Recoleta when you reach Avenida Pueyreddón. The journey will take around half an hour.


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