11.00am | The mansions of Avenida Alvear

Marvel at the opulence of Buenos' Aires most elegant avenue

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This is the city's most aristocratic area. Over just seven blocks, Avenida Alvear is home to some of the most expensive mansions in the city, homes that hark back to late 19th century Paris.

Start in Plaza Francia, near where you had breakfast. Dotted among the luxury shops, you'll find mansions, some of which have been converted for different purposes - the national Secretaría de Cultura (Av. Alvear 1661), Palacio Maguire (Av. Alvear 1681), Palacio Duhau (now a hotel, Av. Alvear 1661) and the Apostolic Nunciature (Av. Alvear 1637) are all in the same block.

Running parallel to Avenida Alvear, going down towards Posadas, is Patio Bullrich, a shopping centre opened in 1988 that has many brand name stores, cinemas and a food court. Returning to Alvear opposite Plazoleta Carlos Pellegrini, you'll find the Jockey Club, an aristocratic club founded in 1882 and a symbol of money and power. The club maintains its original interiors.

Free guided tours:

Every Thursday, the city tourist board runs the free guided walking tour: Recoleta, the Paris of South America.    

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Alvear finishes in a small square. Continue straight on along Calle Arroyo, cross Av. 9 de Julio and turn into Suipacha, two blocks on.
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