Why Study in BA?
Five simple but irresistible reasons for studying in Buenos Aires.

Five simple but irresistible reasons for studying in Buenos Aires

1. No. 1 city for studying in Latin America

Buenos Aires is ranked the best student city in Latin America by QS Top Universities for both its academic excellence and its great student life, and 24th worldwide. Our universities and colleges pride themselves on developing creativity and business acumen in their students (see this website’s section on Entrepreneurship). QS says “Argentina’s universities are renowned across Latin America for the quality of the graduates they produce, and this is reflected in Buenos Aires’ high score in the Employer Activity category of the Qs Best Student Cities index.” The city boasts more than 40 public and private universities, so there are plenty of options to choose from - see our list of the most important universities in Buenos Aires.

2. Affordability and flexibility

Compared to many student cities across the globe, BA is a relatively affordable place to live. Public transport is comparatively cheap, and students receive discounts on museums, shows and other cultural activities. hundreds of free events and festivals take place all year round (see Culture & Leisure). In 2012 Buenos Aires was ranked the most livable city in South America and 14th worldwide (Economist Intelligence Unit’s Most Livable City Report 2012). The city's university's also tend to offer very flexible programmes of study, with courses running at different times of day and, with undergraduate degree courses, often the ability to choose how many units of study you wish to take each semester

3. Improve your Spanish!

The best way to improve your Spanish is by immersion, and given how we porteños love to talk, opportunities to immerse yourself won’t be hard to come by. Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language after Mandarin, useful for both travel and professional purposes. It’s also fairly easy to get the basics of Spanish, it’s one of the world’s most phonetic languages.

4. Culture

BA has a dynamic culture and nightlife rarely found elsewhere. Our porteño identity comes from our long history of immigration and diversity, and it’s heavily infused with our passion for tango, football and drama of every kind! The city caters to so many tastes and styles, you’re unlikely to feel excluded or be at a loss for what to do. Learn more in our Culture & Leisure section.

5. Climate

BA is blessed with a temperate and sunny climate, with average annual temperatures at 18C/64.4F. While it can get sticky in high summer (Jan-Feb), winters are comparatively mild. It has only snowed twice in recorded memory. Info on BA's climate can be found in Climate


Visit: study.buenosaires.gob.ar