VAT-free accommodation!
Your visit to the city just got cheaper. Save 21% with an automatic VAT refund.

VAT refunds on accommodation

International visitors receive a direct and automatic reimbursement of the 21% value added tax (VAT) charged on accommodation in Argentina.

VAT on hotel stays and other accommodation will automatically be refunded for international visitors who pay with a foreign credit card or via bank transfer from a foreign bank. 

The ellimination of VAT on accommodation charges, combined with a favorable exchange rate, make visiting Buenos Aires more affordable.

The new VAT rule covers hotel stays and other forms of accommodations, and includes VAT imposed on breakfast services if they are part of the cost of lodging. Other hotel services are excluded and must be billed separately.

The rebate system is available to visitors who can prove with a valid passport or identification card that they live abroad, and who pay for their accommodation with a non-Argentine credit card or via bank transfer from another country. The process is completed at the time of billing, with no need for any extra paperwork.

Claiming back VAT on shopping

Separately, visitors can also claim back the VAT they pay on Argentina-manufactured products with a value of more than AR$70 pesos bought from participating retailers signed up to the Global Blue Argentina scheme. To take advantage, follow these steps:

1.       Shop at retailers that display the Tax Free logo and remember to ask for the tax refund form along with your sales receipt.
2.       When leaving Argentina, present your receipts, passport and tax refund forms to customs. They will stamp the forms.
3.      You can receive your refund in cash, by credit card, or by bank cheque.